Zwischen Linsen sortieren und Puzzle zusammensetzen -Bd 42

Vollstaendig und unredigiertes und ablaufmaessiges (nicht alphabetisches) Verzeichnis 

Sorting between lenses and assembling the puzzle – Vol 42 

This may please be considered as explanatory note: Complete and unedited and sequential (not alphabetical) directory.


Klagenfurt 2021 AUSlit202107-01

Nehm se diss,- iss Jold AUSlit202107-02

Einhalt-Nachhalt-Unterhaltung AUSlit202107-03

Alleinstellungsmerkmal-GeschaeftsIdee-BusinessPlan AUSlit202107-04

Einfalt-Einhalt AUSlit202107-05

Warten-Erwarten-Abwarten AUSlit202107-06


Den Sack gepackt AUSlit202111-01

Zwischen Deutschorden und Rauhensteingasse AUSlit202111-02

Vom Ausufern der Staedte AUSlit202111-03

Limitierung der Konzentration AUSlit202111-04

Fortschritt+Wachstum vs Innovation+Kreativitaet AUSlit202111-05

StrukturVision vs Planungsbegrenzungen AUSlit202111-06

Zwischen Risiko und Sicherheit AUSlit202111-07

Das Gute liegt meist unbemerkt vor der Tuer AUSlit202111-08

Das Kleine ist das Grosse AUSlit202111-09

Der Gewinn durch Absagen AUSlit202111-10

The Village Of The Dolls on VOA Urdu

Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka, a small Pakistani village in District Okara, is world-famous for its Handicrafts, especially the ethnic dolls. VOA Urdu reports how this excellent project, which had transformed this village by providing extra income to the women and enabling them to lead a better life is facing financial difficulties these days.

Digitization is eating away at its creators and helpers

When reality and pseudo-reality alienate each other


Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch / IPC


Literature and quotations are deliberately avoided here. 

So that it becomes easier to ignore 

One can confidently dedicate oneself to pleasant things of the virtuality. 

The short text is dedicated to the few students and open minds in the RUC.


Sensitive or explosive topics attract interested parties. They want to learn more and the especially the good ones want to have a list of publications in order to control, discard, expose the author of a challenging article, to accuse of unscientific approach, - and by the way to convey; everything is in the best of order, and if not, then it will be soon!

OPWA Health AGAHI Camp in Village Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka

Local NGO AFA (Anjuman-e-Falah-e-Aama) of village Thatta Ghulamka Dhiroka (District Okara) organised a one day Free Medical Camp in the Village Handicrafts Center in collaboration with Okara City's renowned welfare organisation OPWA (Okara Patients Welfare Association), on 27th March 2021. Around 150 villagers were tested for Hepatitus and other illnesses by a 12 member OPWA team, consisting of doctors, nurses and other medical staff. The villagers got their blood tested and given free medicines.

Thatta Kedona – movies/videos­

Und wie geht es weiter -Bd 41

Vollstaendig und unredigiertes  und ablaufmaessiges (nicht alphabetisches) Verzeichnis

And what's next – Vol 41 This may please be considered as explanatory note: Complete and unedited and sequential (not alphabetical) directory.


Wien 2020    AUSlit202003-01

Entwicklungen des Individuums durch Herrschaftsformen     AUSlit202003-02

Freiheit,- was ist das      AUSlit202003-03

Liebe als tiefes Empfinden     AUSlit202003-04



Ueber die Unwirklichkeit des Seins     AUSlit202009-01

Die Tragik des Beobachtens     AUSlit202009-02

Vom Fuehlen und Wissen     AUSlit202009-03

DGFK+CULTURA+PPParchive-Eintragung GERlit202012-47

Internet-bzw. Google-Eintrag

III Essays

Author: N. Pintsch

ISBN 969-978-9225-36-9

Lahore 2020


Author: N. Pintsch

ISBN 969-978-9225-32-1

Lahore 2020


Author: N. Pintsch

ISBN 969-978-9225-33-8

Lahore 2020


project pieces

Author: N. Pintsch

ISBN 969-978-9225-31-4

Lahore 2020

DGFK Jahresgabe 2020

Editor: N. Pintsch

ISBN 969-978-9225-34-5

Lahore 2020

CULTURA Jahresgabe 2020

Editor: N. Pintsch

ISBN 969-978-9225-35-2

Lahore 2020

Article 2020 Volume 41

Und wie geht es weiter -Bd 41
Vollstaendig und unredigiertes  und ablaufmaessiges (nicht alphabetisches) Verzeichnis

And what's next – Vol 41 This may please be considered as explanatory note: Complete and unedited and sequential (not alphabetical) directory.

Wien 2020    AUSlit202003-01
Entwicklungen des Individuums durch Herrschaftsformen     AUSlit202003-02
Freiheit,- was ist das      AUSlit202003-03
Liebe als tiefes Empfinden     AUSlit202003-04

Abschlussveranstaltung Pobierowo     GERlit202011-01
Worum ging es bei Fidelio bloss     GERlit202001-02
Zwischen den Welten     GERlit202010-03
Der Irrtum vom Wohlstand     GERlit202001-04
Wenn Lobhudelei den Verstand angreift     GERlit202001-05
Der Mensch ist immer anders     GERlit202001-06
Was ist schlimmer     GERlist202001-07
Was ist Nichts     GERlit202001-09
Wenn die Frage die Antwort ist     GERlit202001-10
Publizist-Podcaster-Archivist     GERlit202001-11
Betteln 4.0     GERlit202001-12

Articles 2019

Blick zurueck nach vorn -Bd 40
Vollstaendig und unredigiertes  und ablaufmaessige (nicht alphabetisches) Verzeichnis

Yesterday Is Tomorrow – Vol 40 This may please be considered as explanatory note: Complete and unedited and sequential (not alphabetical) directory.


Nicht so toll     AUSlit201911-01
Bedeutungund Wertschaetzung     AUSlit201911-02
Was soll man bloss schreiben     AUSlit201911-03
Was ist Kommunikation     AUSlit201911-04
Ueber die Ueberforderung der Infrastruktur     AUSlit201911-05
Die Erfindungdes Bedeutungsmessers     AUSlit201911-06
Fertig ist nie was wirklich    AUSlit201911-07
Outfit,- Deko des Nichts     AUSlit201911-08
Immer die Has     AUSlit201911-09
Wie entsteht Literatur     AUSlit201911-10
Zum Beispiel aber nicht nur in der Oper     AUslit201911-11
Ueber die Ruhe in der Angeschiedenheit des Normalen     AUSlit201911-12
Ratschlaege fuer den Alltag     AUSlit201911-13
Ueber die Tiefe der Kommunikation     AUSlit201911-14
Eine moegliche Entwicklung     AUSlit201911-15

The AVI project of DGFK

Occasionally, looking back is helpful in order to understand what happened!

Experimenting with photographic technology and incorporating unusual perspectives into the medium lead to results between astonishment and amazement among the viewer - It is the time of change between analog and digital photography.

The work of the M.St. of the 80s led to one of the exclusive art prizes of the DGFK, for the first time in this direction to videographies in light boxes, a new view of the environment and representation of body parts, among other things.

One of the DGFK projects, in addition to FaxLithos with Itazu-Wehler, DigKat with Dorrit Yacoby, daVinci University with Wankie-Biasio, GlobalWorld with Lancelle, IFA Festival in Berlin (1991-1993) and LIFE Festival in Lahore (1994-1997) is the AVI project, which even has a physical place in Rupt sur Moselle, with the director M.St. had until other activities postponed these considerations.

It should also not go unmentioned how working digitally has developed the IPC project, the scientific branch of the DGFK, through animation, and also in communication and information, which is also proven by the above-mentioned projects, for example the Internet-Radio Project, which was implemented in Pakistan, Germany and Cameroon.

Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Kultur e.V


As a partner society we take the opportunity to introduce the DGFK e.V. -German Society for the Promotion of Culture. This is a non-governmental organization that was registered with the Associations registry of Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1973. Preparations for establishing the association had started in 1972. The founding members were among others, Andre Warner, Norbert Pintsch, [1] Wilhelm Koessl, Manoocher Firoozan (Iran), Billy Aparicio (Bolivia) and S.K. Lee (Korea).


The cultural model was to serve as the basis for international activities, in which the influences of the different cultures were mutually recognized and honored. This resulted in openness and solidarity with artists, scientists, etc.

Between 1972 and 1992, around 140 projects were carried out with artists, writers, composers, photographers and designers. The cooperation criteria were met by many unknown personalities who remained young in spirit and numerous foreigners from outside Europe.

The DGFK awarded an Art Award for German speakers and scholarships for foreigners. [3]


Around 1990 began a general reversal of brain drain and invitations from returning formerly funded individuals led to activities and long-term projects in the following countries: Israel, Greece, Pakistan (from 1991), Cameroon (from 1998), Colombia (from 1999) and Iceland.

One example was Senta Maria Anna Siller's initiative [4] to develop new projects for women in rural areas on the basis of scientific research on traditional culture as an income-generating measure. This resulted in starting of volunteer projects (Thatta Kedona / Pakistan, CAT / Cameroon, Tanto Mejor por la Paz / Colombia) on adapted technology, marketing, handicrafts, etc.

Further initiatives developed out of the circle of connected people as NGOs or activities but also out of independent initiatives of the following creative personalities abroad:

H. D. Heckes
Karin Adrian
Gittebritt Komakech
Fabio Biasio
Peter Fronzeck
Spyros Kardamakis
James Kubsch
Romillio Rodriguez Fajardo
Kanjii Sekine
Santosh K. Brahma


Individual members received honors and awards to honor their commitment: e,g. Elizabeth Carew-Reed / Australia; Norbert Pintsch / Cameroon; Senta Maria Anna Siller (1996), Karola Groch (2010), Renate Perner (2016) and Monika Kuppler (2017) received the Federal Cross of Merit as an award.

The work of the DGFK was presented in various solo exhibitions, lectures and guest lectures and contributed towards enlarging its network.

The DGFK initiated various projects, including a .: IPC / Institute for Planning and Consulting, IFA / International Festival for Animation, AVI / Academy for Visualization and Interaction, LIFE / Lahore Festival of EduTainment, Cultura e.V. at the Borsig estate in Nauen and ensured international participation, e.g. at EXPO 2000 in Hanover and at EXPO 2005 in Aichi / Japan.

Between PAT and PCS


It is nothing new, you will find it everywhere in the urban areas,
for example there, where the results of actions of two opposites collide.
The loss of Identity and dexterity is giving way to a sham advance in the global consumption culture.
Research Work for DGFK / Cultura:
Norbert Pintsch
with special thanks to
Gabriel Applegath & Suma Khodabakhshi
HRH Ambassador King Leshey I. / Royal University Center
Sponsors and Partners of Cooperation:
DGFK/Norbert P., with SPARC-project/Anees Y.,- with SPOCAbangladesh /Bashirul H.-with SPATHcameroon /Mercy N.,- with SPAETcolombia/Ramiro A.O.C., - with SEMOLiceland. /Dorothee L., with SUTOLsrilanka./M.Lalith D.S.
such as:
Cultura/Senta S.
IPC/ Klaus-Peter F., with IEC/Ghayyoor O., with IAM / Victor N.,with IdEpeT / Oscar M.
Prepared for:
FBTC/Michael S., FPAC/Aamir R.
Nadine Jaeger, SAJ Shirazi, Ignatius Nji, Romillio Rodriguez Fajardo
Video and pics:
Aaron Pinsker-Norbert Pintsch
Joachim Sauter
Audio and mix:
Peter Fronzeck, Aaron Pinsker, Norbert Pintsch
Editing and Internet:
Peter Fronzeck / SAP
Norbert Pintsch, DGFK e.V. und Cultura e.V.